$60 Online / $200 In-person

Beginner - A standardised program with support

Start your very own health and fitness journey and become THE best possible version of you with this beginner 28-Day Kickstart workout plan. It includes simple but effective exercises that will help you tone muscle, increase strength, improve endurance, and as a result you may lose a few unwanted kilograms in the process! Since this workout plan uses no equipment except a floor mat, it's perfect if you're a complete beginner.

Squats, leg lifts, and push-ups are some of the most useful exercises you can possibly do, since they give you the most bang for your buck. Combined with lunges, planks, donkey kicks, and mountain climbers, you'll get a total body workout guaranteed to kickstart your transformation. All you need is a little motivation and a lot of commitment!

On the training app there are video demonstrations showing you how to perform each exercise correctly. Using proper form and technique helps prevent injuries and ensures you're getting the most out of your workout.

Plus, as an added motivational bonus you'll be tracking your progress before, during and at the end of the 28-Day Kickstart program, by incorporating before/after photos, weekly weigh-in and body measurements record, and performing a simple fitness test. Once again everything is all scheduled into the training app.

  • Before / after photos
  • Fitness testing
  • Weekly weigh-in and body measurements record
  • All workouts are programmed into your own training app
  • Clean eating meal plan plus nutritional advice
  • Weekly meal planner template

Nikki Hughes - "Chloe is amazing! She helped me rethink what and how much I was eating and gave me manageable yet challenging exercises to tone up and lose weight. Thanks so much. I would highly recommend her."

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